Misc. Equipment

1mm BTU Line heater
1mm BTU Line heater: $9990

10,000 psi x 1 MM BTU Skidded Line Heater: $9,990 
Skidded 1 million BTU water-bath (indirect) line heater in-stock and available. It is a 10,000 psi skidded line heater with 3″ 1502 inlet 2″ 1502 outlet 10,000 psi X 4 passes upstream, 3,000 psi X 18 passes downstream, adjustable choke w/ carbide-tungsten stem & seat, inlet & outlet pressure gauges. Mounted on a heavy duty oilfield skid. Sweet service, built 2014. High Density Coil Pack, 22 total passes. Very good condition, available for inspection.

Furnace end of 1MM BTU x 10K psi line heater showing electric winch for stack (pic taken Feb. 2023)

Delta-T variable speed chiller, model VSPA-020. Still in crate. This chiller is designed to provide a large, continuous supply of chilled water. Originally ordered by us for a customer of ours that never took delivery. Brand new, fully tested.
Voltage: 460-480v, 3-phase, 60HZ
Environment: Outdoor Exposed
5HP pump, 70 gallon tank
Communication: Modbus RTU
Condenser: Aluminum microchannel
Works? YES
Condition: New with ~4 hours test time, styill in original shipping crate
MSRP: 30,000, now only $12,000

20-Ton cold water chiller

ROTARY VACUUM PUMP, 1 AVAILABLE, $1500 (see pic below)
Becker VT 4.40 Rotary Vane Pump, Oil-Free, Pump speed 28.3 CFM
-Max vacuum 150/150 mbar (28 in. Hg)
460-480v 3-phase
Less than 20 hours of use
Works? YES
MSRP: $3100, now just $1500
Condition: Lightly used, ~25 hours total time