Misc. Equipment, new prices!

Mobile crane
Max lift 60,000 lbs.

30-Ton Max Lift
Mobile Crane 

Link-Belt mobile crane: $9,500
Model HC-78A. Depending on the angle of the boom, this mobile crane can lift up to 60,000 pounds. If you’d like to know the lift angles and their associated max lift weights, let us know and we’ll send you the table. Everything works, and it is priced to move.  If you need a very affordable lift capability, this is the crane for you.

1mm BTU Line heater
1mm BTU Line heater: $19,500

10,000 psi x 1 MM BTU Skidded Line Heater: $19,500  (last one in stock)
Skidded 1 million BTU water-bath (indirect) line heater in-stock and available. It is a 10,000 psi skidded line heater with 3″ 1502 inlet 2″ 1502 outlet 10,000 psi X 4 passes upstream, 3,000 psi X 18 passes downstream, adjustable choke w/ carbide-tungsten stem & seat, inlet & outlet pressure gauges. Mounted on a heavy duty oilfield skid. Sweet service, built 2014; hydro-tested to 13,000 psi on October 23, 2018. High Density Coil Pack, 22 total passes. For sale or rent.

Filter separator: 20″ x 10′ 1422 psi, ASME,  with 7 sock type filters.
Condition: Excellent, never used
Price: $7500 (recently reduced) Note: U1A, drawing, and pictures available.

Super-sized Daniel Senior Gas Meters: 8″ x 300# and 12″ x 300# ANSI
Condition: Both are very good, clean and stored indoors
Price: $4990 for the 12″ meter, $3500 for the 8″ meter  (new reduced prices).

Notes: Pictures available.  Some new orifice plates will be included at no extra cost.

Doonan premium “Black Gold” Step-deck Trailer: 96″ wide x 45′ w/ catwalks

Condition: Excellent, never used and stored indoors
Specifications: 10′ top deck, 35′ bottom deck, 90,000 lb. GVWR,  18″ kingpin location. Trailer weight is 10,500 lbs.
Price: $19,900

Notes: Small foot-print for tight well sites. Perfect for a mounted vessel up to 60″ x 20′ and pipe-works. Includes fold-down catwalks, hand-rails and stairs. 79,000 lb. load capacity. King pin hitch, pneumatic brakes with ABS. Trailer available for inspection.

Notes: pictures available upon request. All items available for inspection.