Misc. Equipment

New Reduced Prices!  Updated: Nov. 25, 2018

  30" x 10' x 1440 psi 3-phase separator built 2017  30" x 10' x 1440 psi 3-phase 10" clean-out  30 x 10 x 1440 3-phase ASME test separator ID plate

(qty. 2) 1440 PSI 3-phase Test Separators, $25,000 each
New built 2017, 30″ OD x 10′ s/s x 1440 PSI ASME & NACE 3-phase Dura-Strong separator vessels, primed and ready for pipe-works. Two in stock with 4″ inlet, 4″ gas out, 2″ oil, water and drain outs, 10″ inspection port in one head, 8″ in other plus additional clean-outs, 1440 psi at -20F to 130F min/max. This separator specifically designed for Testing / Flow-back and can handle 6,250 BBL/Day total liquids and 27 MMSCFD gas @ 1000 psi.


(qty. 2) Trailers for 30″ x 10′ 3-Phase separators, $10,000 each
We have two road legal trailers with international VIN built specifically for the 30″ x 10′ x 1440 psi 3-phase separators mentioned above and will mount the separator vessels on them if purchased together at no charge.  They feature 2-5/16″ ball hitches, dual 8,000 lb. axles with electric brakes, and electronic break-away safety systems.  See picture for how the 30″ x 10′ x 1440 3-phase separator vessel appears when mounted on the trailers (picture is for example only — we do not have any completed 30″ x 10′ trailer-mounted test separators in stock).


1mm BTU Line heater
1mm BTU Line heater: 11-19-2018

10,000 psi x 1 MM BTU Skidded Line Heater: $36,900  
(last one in stock)
Skidded 1 million BTU water-bath (indirect) line heater in-stock and available. It is a 10,000 psi skidded line heater with 3″ 1502 inlet 2″ 1502 outlet 10,000 psi X 4 passes upstream, 3,000 psi X 18 passes downstream, adjustable choke w/ carbide-tungsten stem & seat, inlet & outlet pressure gauges. Mounted on a heavy duty oilfield skid. Sweet service, built 2014; hydro-tested to 13,000 psi on October 23, 2018. High Density Coil Pack, 22 total passes. For sale $36,900, or rent.  Will paint to desired color(s).



Filter separator: 20″ x 10′ 1422 psi, ASME,  with 7 sock type filters.
Condition: Excellent, never used
Price: $10,000 (reduced from $12,000)

Notes: U1A and pictures available


Super-sized Daniel Senior Gas Meters: 8″ x 300# and 12″ x 300# ANSI
Condition: Both are very good, clean and stored indoors
Price: $9,900 for the 12″ meter, $6,000 for the 8″ meter  (reduced)

Notes: Pictures available.  Some new orifice plates will be included at no extra cost.


Doonan premium “Black Gold” Step-deck Trailer: 96″ wide x 45′ w/ catwalks

Condition: Excellent, never used and stored indoors
Specifications: 10′ top deck, 35′ bottom deck, 90,000 lb. GVWR,  18″ kingpin location. Trailer weight is 10,500 lbs.
Price: $25,900

Notes: Small foot-print for tight well sites. Perfect for a mounted vessel up to 60″ x 20′ and pipe-works. Includes fold-down catwalks, hand-rails and stairs. 79,000 lb. load capacity. King pin hitch, pneumatic brakes with ABS. Trailer available for inspection.


Utility 48′ aluminum Flatbed Trailer built 2005

Condition: Used, in good condition.  Tires are very good.
Specifications: 96″ wide x 48″ long
Price: $12,000 (reduced from $15,000)

Notes: pictures available upon request. Trailer available for inspection.