About Us

Sand traps on a flatbed truckMountain Equipment of New Mexico, Inc. sells sand separators for oil and gas well testers, flow-back, service companies, and end-user operators. Our area of expertise is high pressure, from 1440 psi to 10,000 psi.

We’re a veteran and 3rd generation family-owned and operated company with roots in well testing that go back to 1980.  Since 1998 we’ve been refurbishing, completing, and selling oilfield equipment, with a focus on sand traps. Designs are based on  our experience and customer input and feedback; this has resulted in robust, easy-to-use equipment that will provide years of service.

In 2014 we began building our own vessel fabrication company, called Dura-Strong.  It supplies the ASME pressure vessels that we complete and test to customer specification.

Our facilities are located in Deming, New Mexico, USA.