DuraStrong 10000 and 5800 psi cyclonic sand traps

Cyclonic sand traps in stock!

Jan. 15, 2021
We offer ASME coded vertical cyclonic sand separators (aka “sand traps”) in different sizes and pressures. Cyclonic sand separators use centrifugal and centripetal spin forces to separate sand from the flow and are well suited for high volume liquid, gas, or combination flows. Older style gravity sand traps use slowed speed and gravity and are limited in the amount of flow they can handle.


We sell cyclonic sand separators manufactured by DuraStrong Fabrication. We test and complete the desired sand separator to customer specification by adding a skid or trailer, down-comers, valves, and any desired instrumentation. Finally, we paint the sand trap and perform final testing and QC.


Cyclonic sand trap rentals are offered in Daily, Monthly and Yearly rates.10K cyclonic sand separators ready for paint  Contact us about your specific rental requirements.


We also offer accessories like down-comers, dump valves, manifold chokes and trash catchers. Talk to your sales person about any specific needs you may have.  Be sure to check our Misc. Equipment page for items like line heaters, test separators, and filter separators.


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