Trailer mounted Test Separator   Trailer-mounted sand separator

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Portable test separators and skid mounted test packages separate gas, oil and water while providing exact measurements for each.
›› Test Separators in Stock: 4 units in Fab
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Trailer mounted and skid mounted sand separators suitable for well testing, flow back and production.
›› Sand traps: 5800 / 10K psi in Fab
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Portable Line Heater   Portable Flare Stack

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Excellent mobility and superior design improve separation and flow by reducing hydrates.
›› Heaters in stock: 1mm BTU
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Rugged, portable, zero ground disturbance flare stacks from 30' to 50' for the safe flaring of gas.
›› Flares in stock: 30 ft.
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Mountain Equipment of New Mexico, Inc.

With a back ground that includes many years of well testing in the United States, Africa and the Middle East, Mountain Equipment of New Mexico, Inc. brings years of experience to the design and fabrication of oil and natural gas well testing equipment. We specialize in well testing and flow back equipment such as test separators, sand separators, line heaters, flare stacks, shrinkage testers and trash catchers. We can build to your specification but we also have stock items in our inventory.

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5800 and 10,000 PSI CYCLONIC

CYCLONIC SAND SEPARATORS Up to 6000 BBL/D and amazing sand retention. Call for pricing / reserve before these limited batches are gone. 800-530-4197 or
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